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Let Australia's best travel editors and writers help your business create valuable and meaningful content tailored to your audience.

The editorial teams of Australian Traveller and International Traveller work with clients to create incredible stories and content that gives value to your brand by enthralling and inspiring readers.

What We Do


With 12 years’ experience of award-winning travel publishing behind us, The Traveller Studio is well-versed in producing quality, journalistic-standard travel content for our clients.

Our high standards consistently enable clients to engage audiences and ultimately drive sales.

Our Methodology

There are many ways in which we’re able to produce outstanding content.

Firstly by assembling a dedicated and talented editorial team with a passion for travel and creating inspiring and beautiful stories that delight readers.

In addition, our team is also adept at understanding that each client is unique and, as such, face unique challenges in the marketplace, because of this, we’re able to create bespoke content that reaches your target audience with pin-point accuracy.

Every project we do follows our 8 step methodology:

1. Content briefing and strategy

Within this, we consider:
What are the objectives?
How is success measured (is that the right measure)?
Competitor analysis and strategy recommendation

2. Content metrics and KPI's

Confirming the metrics by which success is measured

3. Content calendar

What content and when is it to be published?

4. Content creation

We source the experts for this particular topic or subject or format in order to create the best-possible content

5. Content publication

High quality content optimised for the platform delivered to the right channels, at the right time

6. Content amplification

Ensuring the largest number of people from the right audience are consuming the content

7. Content optimisation

Making the content more efficient for the desired outcomes

8. Reporting and strategy review

Review the overall performance to the metrics and make adjustments where necessary

Our Services

Content campaigns partnering with the leading travel publishing brands

By leveraging the value of our market-leading brands, Australian Traveller and International Traveller, we’re able to create a content campaign that inspires and engages readers. All branded content is designed with the same high standards as our editorial assets, this means everything is reader-focused, honest, well-researched, and reliable. Our editors work on the content with the same attention to detail and care as they do for all content published under our brands. While they retain editorial control and sign off, our editors work with clients to create a suite of editorial we are confident readers will enjoy and adheres to our brand values of connecting people to unique experiences. See our clients

Content for Clients to publish

We work directly with clients to deliver content that will engage they’re customers and potential customers and move them to take positive steps along the path to purchase.

The initial phase is to decide on the style of content required including which medium; text, photography, video or audio.

We then optimise all content for the distribution medium, whether that be social media, blogs, print, broadcast, podcast.

Finally we establish the metrics for success and the ongoing performance measurement framework.

The projects are managed by the Australian Traveller Media project and editorial team.

Our Clients

Here is small sample of our clients:

The Team

The Traveller Studio clients access the most experienced travel publishing minds in Australia: the Australian Traveller Media team.

Quentin Long

Managing Director

Co-founder of Australian Traveller Media in 2005 Quentin has lived and breathed travel content for more than 12 years.

He is a sought after media commentator on travel, regularly appearing on radio and television to discuss issues and destinations for news and lifestyle programs.

Quentin currently has a regular segment on Channel Nine’s Today Show and is seen on the network’s A Current Affair and Channel Nine News programs. He also is a weekly guest on several state-wide ABC radio programs, such as ABC 702, ABC 720 Perth, and is a monthly specialist for Sydney’s 2GB.

Quentin personally oversees all The Traveller Studio’s projects from briefing to reporting.

Leigh-Ann Pow

Editorial Director

Having worked in publishing for 25 years and, most recently as Vogue Australia’s associate editor for over a decade, Leigh-Ann has strong editorial instinct and is an accomplished team leader. Not only is Leigh-Ann the editorial director of Australian Traveller Media, she also hands-on edits International Traveller and is a published author. Leigh-Ann has been with the team for three years and has a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of content production.

About Us

The Traveller Studio is the content marketing arm of Australia’s largest travel publisher, Australian Traveller Media.

Our mission is to connect people with their incredible experiences. Founded in 2005, the company publishes two market-leading travel brands; Australian Traveller and International Traveller both in print and online. The brands are known for their editorial independence, clever, intelligent reporting and beautiful photography and design.

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